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I really like the style of this game, the mix of 2D sprites with some subtle particle effect for the submarine is nice.

The only thing it feels like it's missing is a timer, score and maybe lives and I could spend ages playing it.

Thanks for playing!

I chose not to add lives as I thought it would irritate players when they die and had to repeat everything again.

Yeah, after thinking about it I agree. Maybe it could be done in reverse where the number of deaths are counted and that could in someway be the players score... a bit like golf where the lower it is the better?

Very nice game so far. Loved the gameplay, very simple but entertaining.

Thanks for making the game!
Keep the good work.

Thanks for checking it out! 

I'll check out some of your games when I get some time.

Great game,

Cant wait to see the finish product

Thanks a lot for checking it out!

This is a cool game but could do with some more levels.

This was just a quick prototype to see if people enjoyed it. More levels are coming soon. Thanks for checking it out. 

Your welcome!